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Terms and Conditions

This page is a summary of the most important aspects of the terms and conditions of Pativilla, but it does not replace the full version.

The Service

    • About Pativilla
      The Service provided by the Owner allows Users to run a series of technological tools in a self-service manner, allowing them to generate legal documents based on Users’ input for their online activities (eg. website, mobile app, etc.). As part of its Service, the Owner allows Users to generate, host and keep one or more document templates up to date online. Under no circumstance will Pativilla’s staff or any counsel assist Users in making the correct choice or in drafting the correct custom clauses.
      It is therefore the Users’ sole responsibility to pick the correct choices for their respective scenario or activity, to verify compatibility of the generated documents with applicable law and to ensure that their activity complies with all applicable legal provisions.
      In light of the above, the Service offered by Pativilla cannot be regarded as, nor does it substitute any legal advice given by a professional or expert.

The generated documents

    • Use of the documents
      During the generation process, it is the Users’ sole responsibility to make the appropriate choices for their respective scenario or activity, and to subsequently verify the correspondence of the generated documents with all applicable legal provisions. Pativilla will not provide any guidance in this respect. Any instructions or tooltips in the generator have the sole purpose of helping Users in operating the generator and do not contain any User-specific information.

    • Integration of the documents
      The generated documents may be hosted by Pativilla and integrated into a website or app by using a series of integration/embedding tools. The embedding code of Pativilla includes a views counter, which does not, however, collect any personal data about the end users.

    • Use of the documents
      The generated documents may only be integrated by using the integration/embedding code. Copy and paste of the documents is not allowed.

The privacy policy of Pativilla

    • Data of Users subscribing to Pativilla
      In order to understand how personal data is processed, Users may read the complete Pativilla privacy policy.


Content available on ( and documents generated using the Service are intended for general information purposes only. Although all clauses and provisions inside the generator database have been drafted by a team of highly qualified legal experts and regularly undergo reviews and updates, documents are generated in a fully automated manner and therefore do not constitute or substitute the rendering of legal advice, nor does any assistance and customer support provided by Pativilla establish an attorney-client relationship. This is why, despite all efforts in offering the best possible service, Pativilla cannot guarantee generated documents to be fully compliant with applicable law. Users should therefore not rely upon documents generated using Pativilla without seeking legal advice from an attorney licensed in the relevant jurisdiction(s).


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